The Armoury Key

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Dark Forest
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The Armoury Key is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You can start this quest by speaking with the orc Gural who will be searching for a missing armoury key in Glen's house at Hunter's Edge. You will then be able to help him find his key.

Important NPCs

  • Gural
  • Hershel
  • Grutilda





  1. Talk to Gural
  2. Find Hershel and win RPS Game
  3. Get the Missing Key
  4. Forgive / Challenge Hershel
  5. (Optional) Use the Key
  6. Talk to Grutilda
  7. Talk to Gural again



  • Hershel is the bartender in the Tavern in Hunter's Edge. If you talk to him about the Armoury Key, you will be put in a RPS game that you then have to win to get any information out of him.
  • When you win, he admits that he stole the key and then he will tell you that is in a chest in the Tavern cellar.
  • Go down to the cellar and you will see Hershel's chest there. It will explode the moment you open it, but this explosion is not fatal. In the chest you will see the Armoury Key which you can then use (optional) or give to either of the two parties interested in it.
  • Before you leave though, speak with Hershel again and confront him about the explosion. Then you will have the choice to either forgive him or fight and kill him.
  • OPTIONAL: You can use this key to unlock the cellar in the Tribesmen's Warehouse and steal some neat loot. However, YOU MUST NOT GET CAUGHT in the process or this will affect many other quests in the future.
    • You need to get to the cellar and unlock it, and then close the door behind you once inside. You must do all this in Sneak Mode and avoid being seen at all costs.
  • Then, you can make your way to Grutilda and speak with her about the missing Armoury Key. You will have the choice to give her the key (and get Gural killed) or just stay quiet about the whole matter.
  • IF you did not give her the key, then return to Gural and give him the key.
    • NOTE: You do have an option to keep the key or return it to Gural. BUT giving the key to neither Gural nor Grutilda will leave the quest hanging and award you no completion XP.

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