The Councillor's Wife

Location Cyseal
Suggested Level 4
Next Quest A Mysterious Murder (Second Half)
Previous Quest A Mysterious Murder(First half)

The Councillor's Wife is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You must complete this quest in order to progress the main storyline and complete A Mysterious Murder.

Important NPCs



  1. Confront Esmeralda about the letter found at the crime scene to initiate the quest.
  2. Find evidence that can incriminate her (as she is one of the suspects)
  3. Steal key to her study upstairs.
  4. Pickup evidence such as the book "The Perfect Murder"
  5. Sneak into her basement to find the Bloody Dagger
  6. Find the Poem hidden in the chest at the crime scene.
  7. Return to Captain Aureus with all the evidence to discuss the arrest of Esmeralda.
  8. Choose to arrest or not (Either way, the quest is completed)



  • + 260 XP for each incriminating evidence found
  • + 1800 XP for considering having her arrested
  • +1 Renegade ( If you arrest her) / +1 Righteous (if you DO NOT arrest her)



  • After progressing through the beginning part of the A Mysterious Murder quest, you will discover that Esmeralda, who is the victim's wife, is one of the possible suspects.
  • You then need to go to Esmeralda's shop to talk to her about the letter you found at the crime scene.
  • Esmeralda will argue that this does not prove her involvement.
  • So you begin your quest to find evidence to prove her involvement. Go upstairs to find a key to her study.
  • Use that key to break into her study (The door nearest to you when you come downstairs).
  • On the desk, you will find a book labelled "The Perfect Murder". Pick it up as evidence.
  • Then proceed to the room right next-door and steal the Inn Chest Key. Climb down into her basement through the trapdoor.
  • To your left, you will see a row of ham hanging. Remove them to find a hidden switch which unlocks a secret door somewhere.
  • On the table there, you will see a Bloody Dagger which you can also pick up as evidence.
  • Go back upstairs and confront Esmeralda about the evidence you found. She will make up excuses and recommend you to look into Evelyn instead.
  • You then need to return to the Legion HQ to speak with Captain Aureus about your findings.
  • You can then choose to arrest ( or choose not to arrest) Esmeralda for the duration of the investigation.
  • Depending on your choice, you will be rewarded differently. However, either choice leads you to the completion of this quest, and allows you to continue with your quest to find the true murderer.

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    • Anonymous

      I discovered you can also get jakes dog to smell various items so you can find the murderer that way to. Thus the smelly panties in Esmerelda's house.

      • Anonymous

        One objective says "Find the Poem hidden in the chest at the crime scene.", but I'm pretty sure you need to read it, too, so maybe you missed that.

        • Anonymous

          I don't get it, I have been lost in this damn town for 10 hours trying to figure it out. Finally went in the back door, got the book and dagger, talked to Esmeralda then Captain Aureus. The captain did nothing and now I'm back to the exact same quest lines as before I got the book and related...

          • Anonymous

            Some clarifying points I've discovered on my playthrough.
            The book is located on the desk at the back door, not in the room with the hatch.
            If you have the Pet Pal perk and talked to Jakes Dog near his grave you'll also have to loot the Panties in the chest near the bed upstairs and take it to jake to smell.

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