The Fabulous Five

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests - Arhu's Failed Experiment
- The Shipless Sailors

The Fabulous Five is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You can start this quest by speaking with Mendius,who is standing outside the King Crab Inn (Coordinates: 242,176) in the City of Cyseal.

As you approach Mendius, a conversation will begin. You should then choose to join the Fabulous Five and ask about your first assignment. To complete the quest further, you must then finish Arhu's Failed Experiment and then speak with Mayor Cecil.

Important NPCs

  • Mendius
  • Arhu
  • Cecil
  • Alistair
  • Anna
  • Novak





  1. Talk to Mendius
  2. Enlist in the Fabulous Five
  3. Ask about the assignment
  4. Complete Arhu's Failed Experiment
  5. Talk to Mayor Cecil



  • Mendius is a cunning guy who is recruiting members for the Fabulous Five - a group of individuals who help the community for a small price. He is found right outside the entrance to the King Crab Inn in City of Cyseal.


  • Tell him you wish to enlist to the Fabulous Five (+1 Bold).
    • Note: if you choose not to join,you can not do this quest and it is lost forever.
    • After choosing to enlist, you can also speak to Mendius about a job for The Shipless Sailors.


  • He will tell you about Arhu's experiment and how things got out of hand. You then have to speak with Arhu (He is on the upper floor of the Legion HQ in Cyseal).


  • Speaking with Arhu ( in either his cat or human form) should initiate the quest - Arhu's Failed Experiment. Complete this quest to continue(+900 XP).


  • After completing the above quest, return to Cyseal City and speak to Mayor Cecil. He will inform you that the other members have run away with the reward and this was all a scam (+ 4500 XP). This will complete the quest.



  • About the opportunity you you mentioned...
  • Mendius: Oh, it's not merely an opportunity! It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become...
    • PC1: I'm here to do my duty... (+ 1 Cautious)
    • PC2: So you mean to say we do not live a life of adventure?... (+ 1 Bold)
  • Mendius: Clearly two strong personalities stand before me; two who voice their opinions with vigour...
  • Mendius: Too bad your line of work comes with such measly recompense, am I right? The wage of a mere soldier!...
    • PC1: Well, I can't say that I haven't! (+ 1 Egotistical)
    • PC2: And I can't say that I have. I'm content with what I have. (+ 1 Altruistic)
  • Mendius: Hahaha! Don't quarrel about it on my account!...
  • Mendius: Even so, my friends, matters of pecuniary nature aside, what is life without variety?...
    • PC1: It's better to lead than to follow, that much is true. (+ 1 Independent)
    • PC2: I disagree. I for one am content with my station. (+ 1 Obedient)

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    • Anonymous

      It's worth it, I guess. The vendor are not exactly awesome and you can't do the quest without joining the Fab 5 and... quests are fun, unique dialogues

      • completing this quest removes NPCs related to the Fab 5, probably not worth doing it, especially since a couple of them are half decent vendors. on my next playthrough im gonna not accept the quest and see if the NPCs stick around.

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