The Fish Thief

~Quest Giver~
Fish Thief
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal Marketplace
Linked Quests  

The Fish Thief is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. It triggers when you enter the western side of Cyseal Marketplace.

Important NPCs

  • Fish Thief
  • Merchant





  1. Stop / Allow the fish thief to steal}
  2. Save / Turn in the thief.



  • This Fish Thief will tell you he is poor and has no money for food. You can choose:
  • OPTION A: Stop him from stealing the fish (+1 Righteous, + 50 Reputation with the Fish Vendor)
  • OPTION B: Allow him to steal the fish (+1 Renegade)
    • Then the vendor will call the guard and you can choose to tell the guard that the fish is stolen (+1 Blunt) or that the man paid for the fish (+1 Considerate).

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    • Anonymous

      I love the thief's response if one of you encourage him to steal and then you throw him under the bus when the guard catches him.

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