The Grieving Orc

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal Beach
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The Grieving Orc is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest can be started by speaking with Broggnar, whom you will find grieving over the loss of his brother on the Western Cyseal Beach.

You will learn about his brother's grave and decide whether to let the Orc be or to dig up his brother's grave (for loot).

Important NPCs

  • Broggnar





  1. Exit Cyseal using the West gate and head slightly North past a bunch of corpses.
  2. Speak with Broggnar to start the quest
  3. Decide one of the 2 options:

Option A: Let Broggnar be and do not enquire about the grave. This completes the quest. (+1 Spiritual)
Option B: Inquire about the Grave. Convince him to show you the grave by winning a RPS game. Loot the grave. Fight Broggnar (+1 Materialistic)
Option C: Inquire about the Grave. Convince him to show you the grave by winning a RPS game. Talk to him so he turns his back to the grave then dug in Stealth mode to avoid fighting him. (+1 Materialistic)

The player can dig in front of the 3 totems in the area to find other orc corpses to loot, Broggnar will start a fight if he notices it.

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    • Anonymous

      You can also just dig right behind him while sneaking and he won't notice you. Or, have one character talk to him while another digs even without sneaking; he'll notice you, but won't initiate combat.

      • Anonymous

        If you want to get the armor and avoid killing Broggnar, then you can get to the grave by yourself: you'll still be able to use the shovel on it and he won't notice from where he originally sits crying. After that you can actually return to him and still convince him to show you where the grave is (if you need exp), while he runs away, you'll be able to safely loot the other grave next to his original spot.

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