The Guardian is a level 12 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. He is found near The Fortress.

The Guardian



Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Location Hiberheim


Stat Value (Note that these stats are for Tactician Difficulty)
Max AP ??
Start AP ??
Turn AP ??
Initiative ??
Bodybuilding 6
Willpower 6
Accuracy 72
Min Damage 97
Max Damage 143
Armor 197
Fire Resist 90%
Water Resist 200%
Air Resist 100%
Earth Resist 90%
Poison Resist 100%
Tenebrium Resist 90%
Slashing Resist 75%
Piercing Resist 75%
Crushing Resist 75%


Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • The Guardian is extremely tough defensively and also resistant to all damage types!
  • He casts staticons_Hasted.pngHasted on himself at the beginning of the fight.
  • When his HP <60%, he casts Skill_Warrior_Rage.jpgRage on himself.
  • The Guardian has the opportunist talent.

Tactician Mode

  • He can cast Status_Effect_Feared.pngMass Fear. (Confimed that he can cast this in Classic+ diffuculty)

Tips & Tricks

  • An easy way to kill him: use a special wand that you can get from Hilda or craft with a branch & Tenebrium Ore.
  • The witchcraft spellsDrain_Willpower_small.jpg Drain Willpower andSkill_Source_NullifyResistance.jpg Lower Resistances are useful.
  • His lowest resistances are to physical damage, so try to whittle his health down and use mages to buff allies and control him as much as possible.

*The absolute best way I have found to defeat him is to cast the witchcraft spell decaying touch, and then spam him with healing magic and regeneration scrolls. He has no immunity to healing magic! By far the fastest way to kill him!

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