The Initiation

Quest Giver
Location Luculla Forest
Suggested Level 13
Next Quest Infiltrating the Immaculates (Remainder)
Previous Quest Infiltrating the Immaculates (Start)

The Initiation is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest acts as a small part of the bigger main quest Infiltrating the Immaculates.

You can obtain this quest by talking to Loic at the Immaculate Chapel in Silverglen.

Important NPCs



  • 28,900 XP
  • Loic's Amulet



  1. Speak to Loic in his chapel to initiate the quest.
  2. Receive Book of The Immaculates I from Loic
  3. Obtain Book of the Immaculates II from Nadia to prepare for the test
  4. Take Loic's test and pass it
  5. Obtain Loic's blessing
  6. Head to the Immaculate Camp and convince them to let you pass through for you have Loic's blessings
  7. Find the entrance to the Immaculate Trial Dungeon
  8. Pass through the 3 Trials. (The first one will cause status effect Rot on you. This will be cured at a later room.)
  9. In the 2nd Trial, place items of correct weight on the pressure plates to pass through.
  10. At the 3rd Trial, position the levers in the correct order (see below for details)
  11. Obtain the Star Stone to cure yourself of Rot
  12. Defeat Loic and his buddies



  • The quest can be initiated only after you have spoken to Samid to obtain Infiltrating the Immaculates.
  • If you have done the above, then speak with Loic, who is in the chapel in Silverglen next to Arhu in his cat form.
  • Exhaust all dialogue options when talking with Loic to obtain the Book of The Immaculates I from him.
  • You will also need Book of The Immaculates II to fully be prepared for the test that Loic is about to give you. (However you can just read below to see the answers if you don't want the trouble of getting the other book).
  • You can obtain Book of The Immaculates II from Nadia in her shop by either stealing it, or lawfully by completing the Side Quest :The Naked Truth for her.
  • Return to Loic and complete the test to obtain his blessing. The answers are (1-2-1).
  • After passing the test and receiving his blessing, Loic will disappear into a cloud of smoke.
  • To continue the quest you then need to make your way to the Immaculate Trial Dungeon and find Loic.

NOTE: (Optional) Before you continue, if you prefer to be prepared, then I suggest bringing with you 4 different items that each respectively weigh the following weights EXACTLY:

    • 1 kg
    • 2 kg (or 1.5kg)
    • 5 kg
    • 7 kg
    • These 4 items will come in handy in the Trial Dungeon later on.


The Trial Dungeon


  • To find the Trial Dungeon, you must use the Western exit of Silverglen. Then continue straight North along the Western Road at the (western) edge of the map till you reach the dungeon.
  • On your way you will come across an Immaculate Camp. You can convince them to let you through by saying you have Loic's blessings to continue through unhindered. However if that fails, you can always kill them!
  • Keep going past the bridge into an area covered in a sandstorm. Continue straight north from there to find the Trial Dungeon.
  • Upon entering the dungeon, just continue straight past the statue into the first room. Here you will contract status effect Rot. Don't panic. You will find a cure to this further on in the Dungeon.


  • After that the door to the next room will open, which is the 2nd Trial. Here you have to put specific weights on four different pressure plates. The weights needed are 1 kg, 2kg, 5kg and 7.5 kgs. If you came prepared, then just put an item on each pressure plate. You'll know its the right weight for that pressure plate when you see *CLICK* appear.
  • However if you did not bring such objects, dont worry, you can still find objects with those weights in the room, but you will have to look around.
  • After activating all 4 pressure plates, you will disable the force fields blocking your path and be able to continue to the 3rd Trial.

  • Quest_Lever_Positions.jpg In the 3rd trial, you need to place 3 levers in the correct position. To see the "correct" position for these levers, you need to see the paintings on the wall. (The correct position for the levers is: stand behind the levers, your back to the cliff, looking into the room. Then from Left-To-Right go---> Right, Right, Middle)
  • After putting them in the correct position, hit the 4th isolated lever to open the door to the next room.
  • NOTE: If the levers are set in the wrong position when you hit the 4th lever, it will summon a Level 13 Shadow Woebringer that brings with it additional Level 13 Shadow Wanderers. No experience can be gained from this fight either. SO CHOOSE WISELY.


  • Then proceed to the next room, where you will find a Star Stone that will cure your status effect Rot and also give you some XP.
  • Continue forward and you will see Loic. Upon talking with him you will see that he is shocked that you are cured and will hastily run away to get his buddies. PREPARE TO FIGHT!
  • It is recommended to deal with the Priest first as he can heal his allies and unnecessarily prolong the fight. It is best to teleport him among your companions and deal with him swiftly. Leave Loic for last as he has a strong self-healing ability and your attack against him will prove futile if there are other enemies around.
  • After defeating Loic and his goons, you will be rewarded with 28,900 XP in total and also a key. (This key is used at the Chapel in Silverglen to access Loic's office for the quest Infiltrating the Immaculates.)

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    • Anonymous

      Or you could pick pocket Loic while he is talking so when he runs to back-up he instead stops at the door and panics :P that was rather amusing

      • Anonymous

        I killed Loic right before talking to him in front of the alter. Seems to have no issues yet. Easy fight and didn’t spawn all his goons

        • Anonymous

          just want to point out that in the trial dungeon, the 4 items you need are laying around within the dungeon itself. the various jars weigh 5 there are heavy barrels that weigh 7.5 one of the many copies the book of immaculates laying around weighs 2 and i forget, there was like, food or something that weighed 1kg but you could pretty much use anything as long as the weight is correct

          • Anonymous

            I stole the key from Loic and he was unable to open the door and spawn additional goons. He says something like "Where is my key!? open up you fools!!" but no one opens and is left alone to fight you.

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