The King's Dark Deal

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Dark Forest
Linked Quests Follow the Wizard

The King's Dark Deal is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. After speaking with Greal in the Dark Forest, you will learn about Jahan and his past. Basically, Jahan is an ex-king who had sold his soul to a demon called Balbreith. Your task will be to decide Jahan's fate.

This side quest actually forms a part of the main quest Follow the Wizard.

Important NPCs



  • Upto 64,885 XP (depending on your choices)



  1. Find Shearah's House
  2. Deal with Balberith
  3. Kill Raalzen Ax'aroth



  • You will need to find Greal in the central part of the forest. He is Shearah's apprentice and he will will you that she was captured by Balberith the demon in her own house. He will also warn you that killing any of Balberith's minions on the way will only make him stronger.
  • You can find Shearah's house in the north eastern corner of the Forest. You will find her and the demon in the basement.
  • Balberith will ask you to make a deal with him so you will essentially have 3 options:
    • Balberith will offer you a deal. This will give you a chance to become more Bold (initiative +1) or Cautious (sneaking +1). If you accept the deal, then Balberith will ask you to kill the demon Raalzen Ax'aroth, who can be found guarding the entrance to the Source Temple (#6). You'll have to kill Raalzen regardless, so Balberith's request isn't a big deal. However, if Jahan is in your party, then Balberith will reset him (which might cause him to lose some of his spells), and you'll have to reassign his points.
    • If you refuse Balberith's deal, and if Jahan is in your party, then Balberith will ask you to hand over Jahan. This will give you a chance to become more Righteous (leadership +1) or Renegade (pickpocketing +1). If you acquiesce to Balberith's demand, then Jahan will disappear from your party forever.
    • If you refuse both deals or demand that Balberith face you in battle, then you'll have to fight him. Balberith will immediately summon four Slaves of Torment, plus some cyclopes as well. The slaves will heal Balberith and improve his resistances, so you should target them first. However, you can't just ignore Balberith, or else he might take an interest in your spellcasters and defeat them quickly. So we'd recommend putting your best defensive character on Balberith while the rest of your party takes out the slaves and cyclopes.

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      If you've agreed with Jahan on most of his dialogues then it wont give you the option to respec him and he is stuck the way he is......screw jahan

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