The Lady in the Lake

~Quest Giver~
Lake Lady
Quest Type Side
Location Witch's Grotto
Linked Quests - Find the Witch
- The Captives in the Crystals
- Eternal Winter

The Lady in the Lake is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You'll receive this quest when you walk past a puddle in the Witch's Grotto whilst doing the main quest Find the Witch. The grotto is accessed by teleporting through the Mirror in the Witch's Cabin.

Important NPCs

  • Almina



  • +19,810 XP



  1. Go to the Lake
  2. Cast the Spell
  3. Go through the First gate
  4. Go through the Second gate
  5. Talk to Almina



  • In the Witch's Grotto, after you leave the cabin and cross the first bridge, the path will split in two. No matter which you take, you will eventually come to a Lake. A voice will talk to you when you come close, thus starting this quest.
  • At the lake you will have to fight a group of Immaculates. The Cultist Spell dropped by them will be useful next.
  • Stand close to the Lake and read the spell to reveal a path to Hiberheim.
  • Next you will hear the voice coming from statues that will fall apart once the message is delivered. At one point the path will be blocked by a set of stone pillars.
  • Close by the talking statue you will see a pressure plate that you can step on to move the stone pillars down into the ground, clearing the path. On the other side you will see a lever that can be used to permanently keep the path clear.
    • NOTE: If you do use the lever you will have to fight 6 mechanical rodents
  • Continue through the second gate in a similar way. You will have a couple of fights along the way.
  • Eventually, you will come across Almina, the White Witch's assistant, laying in a pool of blood. Speaking with her will start Eternal Winter and then she will die.
  • This will update Find the Witch and end the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      Tiny golden key buried at x:283, y:29 is needed to unlock the 2nd lever (at x263, y:18) which then triggers a fight with 2 mecha-roosters

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