The Last Weresheep is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

The Last Weresheep



Hard (Borderline unfair)
Dark Forest

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • The Weresheep can use skill_fire_Purifyingfire.jpgPurifying Fire to remove your Healing/Shield statuses.
  • It can also use Skill_Source_Charm.jpgRapture, Skill_Source_DecayingTouch.jpgDecaying Touch and Banish Summon.
  • The Weresheep can also place explosives beneath a Character's feet -- that character then has 1 turn to get away.
  • The explosion will leave a lava surface into which the Weresheep can teleport a character at random
  • The Weresheep can also summon 5 smaller sheep that can cast elemental spells.
  • When his HP <20%, he will sacrifice one of them to regain HP (equal to the amount the smaller sheep had before being sacrificed).

Tactician Mode
  • The Weresheep may additionally open the fight with Mass Weakness -- setting staticons_Weak.pngWeak on all your characters (and their summons if any).

Tips & Tricks


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