The Legionnaire's Will

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests Legionnaires at the Church

The Legionnaire's Will is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You can start this quest by speaking with the undead Blossius who you first meet in Legionnaires at the Church side quest.

Important NPCs

  • Blossius
  • Marisa





  1. Speak with Blossius
  2. (Optional) Read the Will
  3. Go to Silverglen Tavern
  4. Delivery the Will to Marisa



  • This quest is a straightforward courier delivery-like task that has a small test for your conscience as well.
  • You can find Blossius by heading North from the eastern gate of Cyseal.
  • Speak to him to find out that he used to be a Legionnaire and he has a will for his wife Marisa, but being an undead he would not be able to enter town.
  • You will be handed Blossius's Will and a warning that this is "private" and for "Marisa's eyes only".
  • Here on you have 2 choices - to read or not to read the will before delivering it.
    • READ: If you choose to read it, you will learn that Blossius has a box of something that he wants his wife to have. After reading this your main characters will engage in a dialogue, giving you an option to alter the will. If you choose to alter it, you will receive +1 Heartless. Choosing not to will earn you +1 Compassionate. To alter the Will, you will need to use an Ink Pot and Quill with Blossius' Will.
    • NOT READ: If you choose not to read it, then you can simply proceed to deliver the Will to Marisa .
  • You will find Marisa in the Tavern in Silverglen. The city is located in Luculla Forest so if you have not been there yet, it is wise to wait to complete this quest.
  • You will receive an item at random if you deliver to her an "altered" Will. Otherwise, you just complete the quest for +3375 XP after delivering to her.

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