The Naked Truth

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Forest
Linked Quests The Troll's Bounty

The Naked Truth is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You can start this quest by speaking with Nadia, in her shop in Silverglen. Inquire about her dead husband Ben to learn about her suspicions against Lawrence and help her find proof to back it up.

NOTE: Lawrence disappears after this quest so YOU MUST complete the quest Goblin Trouble before completing this quest.

Important NPCs

  • Nadia
  • Lawrence
  • Brandon





  1. Get proof from Brandon
  2. Confront Lawrence
  3. Take / Decline the Bribe
  4. Speak with Nadia again
  5. Show the letter to Nadia (If declined Bribe) or Deny finding any evidence (If took bribe. End of Quest)
  6. Return to Lawrence's Office to announce your Verdict
  7. Choose to (a) convince Nadia to take the bribe (End of Quest) or (b) allow Nadia her revenge.
  8. Follow Lawrence outside (if you let Nadia take her revenge)
  9. Decide to let the crowd kill him or spare him.



  • You will need to help Nadia prove her suspicion that Lawrence is guilty of Ben's death by forcing him to mine tenebrium ore even if he knew about the risks.
  • Firstly you will need evidence. You can get this from Brandon in the quest The Troll's Bounty. If you declined Brandon's offer, which prevents you from getting his quest and therefore the letter, you can still acquire the letter from him using...less honorable methods.
  • After obtaining the letter, head over to Lawrence's Office to confront him. You can choose from the two options below:
    • OPTION A: Take the bribe (+1 Materialistic, +1000 Gold)
    • OPTION B: Deny the bribe (+1 Spiritual, - 20 Reputation with Lawrence, + 4500 XP).
  • After choosing either option above, return to Nadia. Depending on what you chose above, do one of the following:
    • If you chose OPTION A, deny finding any evidence ( +1 Heartless, + 3600 XP). This will end the quest right here.
    • If you chose OPTION B, show the letter to Nadia (+1 Compassionate) and then follow her to Lawrence's office.
  • While at the office you will face choices again :
    • OPTION C: Tell Nadia to accept Lawrence's bribe. (+1 Pragmatic, + 3600 XP). This ends the quest right here.
    • OPTION D: Let Nadia have her revenge. She will go outside and tell everybody (+1 Romantic).
  • If you chose OPTION D, then Lawrence will storm outside as well. You should follow him outside and then decide whether to (a) Let the crowd kill him(+1 Vindictive, +9000 XP) or (b) have mercy on Lawrence (+1 Forgiving,+ 9000 XP).
    • IF you do not follow him outside, the crowd will automatically kill him, giving you no extra XP from step above.
  • Speak with Nadia after everything is over to complete the quest. She will give you permission to take anything from her shop.

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    • Anonymous

      there's a rat in the cellar of nadia's shop that hints at this quest (pet pal). it seems to drop 1350(!) exp if you kill it - unlike other rats, which drop only 90 xp.

      • Anonymous

        BTW, the Up to 17,100 XP (Depending on your choices) is false. You only get the +4500 EXP for denying the bribe and +9000 for letting him live or die. 13500 MAX exp. If I am mistaken please let me know.

        • Anonymous

          what would be great ..if this walkthrough included a warning. DO NOT DO THIS QUEST UNTIL AFTER COMPLETING GOBLIN TROUBLE!!! because depending on your choices, Lawrence might disappear, breaking goblin trouble, making it uncompletable, but the quest stays in your log forever, despite this failure.

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