The Rat King is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

The Rat King

The Rat King


Level ?
Difficulty Normal
Location Dark Forest

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • The Rat King casts a Damage Boost on himself at the start.
  • The King will summon the Rat Court which includes:
    • The Rat Buffoon -- acts like a Nether Jester, switching immunity auras for nearby allies
    • The Rat Chancellor -- uses pyrokinetic spells and Skill Fire PurifyingFire Purifying Fire
    • The Rat First Knight -- heals & buffs the King, and uses Skill Ranger DoctorDoctor
    • The Rat Prince -- purifies debuffs to friends, has crippling blow.
    • The Rat Secretary -- uses Skill Water MassDiseaseMass Disease
    • The Rat War Chief -- uses Iron Command and can cause you to be statIcons FrightenedFrightened
  • When The Rat King's HP <50%, he then makes himself statIcons HastedHasted.

Tactician Mode

  • The Rat King has the Consume Life Force skill -- allowing him to sacrifice one ally for HP equivalent to the amount the ally had before being sacrificed.
  • The Rat Prince has Dark Avenger.
  • The Rat Secretary can Banish Summon.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you melee the Rat King, there is chance he may make your character statIcons DiseasedDiseased.
  • Each Rat gives 10,200 XP, so make sure you don't kill the Rat King until he summons the 6 others.

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    • Each of the Rats in the battle gives 10,200 XP so make sure when you attack the Rat King you wait 1 round until he summons the 6 other Rats, a total of 71,400 XP for the fight.

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