The Shipless Sailors

Quest Giver
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal Docks
Linked Quests - Fire! Fire! Fire!

The Shipless Sailors is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. These sailors have become shipless after their ship burnt down in Fire! Fire! Fire!. They will tell you their ship's condition was due to the Orc raid. They now have nothing to do so you must find them jobs.

Important NPCs

  • Shipless Sailors
  • Captain Jack
  • Mendius





  1. Find work for the Shipless Sailors



  • Speak with the Shipless Sailors at the Cyseal Docks to start the quest. They will tell you about the Orc Raid and how they have nothing to do now.
  • There are 2 ways of going about this quest. You can get these sailors to work for either Captain Jack or in the Fabulous Five.
    • Option 1: You can find Captain Jack at the Cyseal Marketplace. He will be standing next to the fountain. When you ask him if he is willing to employ some sailors, he will agree. You can then return to the sailors and tell them about Captain Jack. You will receive +1 Altruistic.
    • Option 2: You can speak with Mendius outside the King Crab Tavern in Cyseal. He will recruit you to the Fabulous Five. He will also tell you he is looking for more men. Ask him if the sailors can join and he will agree. You can then return to the sailors and tell them about the Fabulous Five. You will receive +1 Egotistical.

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