The Skeleton King's Summoner

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests - The Undead Scourge
- A Mysterious Murder

The Skeleton King's Summoner is a Side Quest in the original Divinity: Original Sin that was not featured in the Enhanced Edition. This quest is started by speaking with Arhu in Cyseal about Braccus Rex. You must have completed A Mysterious Murder before this. This quest was removed from the Enhanced Edition


Important NPCs

  • Arhu
  • Braccus Rex



  • + 4200 XP
  • + 1 Reputation



  1. Speak with Arhu before fighting Braccus Rex
  2. Complete The Undead Scourge
  3. Speak with Arhu after defeating Braccus Rex

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