The Sparkmaster 5000
Boss Type Side Quest
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests Arhu's Failed Experiment

The Sparkmaster 5000 is a side quest boss in in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Fight Tactics


  • Make sure you start the quest and get the controller to make the fight much easier (Arhu's Failed Experiment)
  • In Classic mode --- the robot's weak point is Lightning, but it also allows him to use his Ultrabolt attack.
    • When the robot is charged, use the three levers in the room to force it to spend its charge.
    • Alternatively you can also use the controller to make him spend the charge (Angry, Angry, Sleepy)
    • For controller users, the controllers can have different effects for the different combinations -- like disabling physical weapons for 2 turns (Sleepy, Sleepy, Happy); create a steam cloud (Angry, Happy, Angry); or even destroy the controller (Angry,Angry, Angry).
  • In Tactician (or Honor) mode --- the 2 Undead Mages will be behind the Robot. Also it will fire a salvo of missiles (Fire-damage) that will land on their target after one turn.
  • Other Info:
    • The SparkMaster 5000 has low initiative, so it will act either last, or among the last each turn.
    • Using any sort of Aerotheurge attack on the SparkMaster will charge him by 1 level.
    • When fully charged, an UltraBolt will be used and this spends the charge.
    • If his hp <50% and atleast 1 Undead Mage is still alive, he will ask for repairs ("Greasemonkey!")
    • He will only melee if target is close or after all his allies are dead..
    • He will stay stationary until the Ads die.
    • 1575 XP when killed.

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