The Strongman

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
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The Strongman is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest can be completed by defeating Snorri, who calls himself the strongest man that nobody can ever beat.

Snorri sells legendary items at higher level so you might not want to complete this quest if you want to visit vendors when you level up looking for better gear. In the EE Edition he summons a ball for you to destroy in 35 seconds instead of killing him, and this change allows you to complete the quest AND kill him for experience.

Important NPCs

  • Snorri



  • 600 XP for killing Snorri
  • EE Edition. 600 XP for destroying the ball in 35 seconds, 430 XP for killing Snorri



  1. Kill Snorri
  2. EE Edition, destroy the ball in 35 seconds. This allows you to destroy the ball and possibly kill Snorri also for a combined 1030 XP. Keep your 2 damage dealers downstairs, send the other party members upstairs. Do the quest and destroy the ball, then attack Snorri right after. You'll have 2 hits to kill him, so make sure the 2nd hit is a powerful one like Splintered arrows, etc. Since the quest reward is timed you'll have a few seconds to kill him before he is scripted to disappear.

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    • Anonymous

      This quest has been updated in EE - you no longer have to fight Snorri himself, but rather he summons an orb with tons of HP that he challenges you to destroy within 35s. He also does not sell legendary items anymore, so it should be safe to complete this quest.

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