The Trife is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

The Trife




Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • The Trife has 2 phases of attacks.
  • PHASE 1: The Trife is ranged -- he summons (in this order) a grunt, a caster and a mage. He can use Skill_Air_BlitzBolt.jpgBlitz Bolt, Void Shard and Void Hail.
  • PHASE 2 (HP <60%): The Trife becomes a melee fighter. He will use Damage Boost on himself and Skill_Warrior_Rage.jpgRage. In this phase he can staticons_Stunned.pngStun or staticons_Frightened.pngFrighten your party members.
  • The trife summons nightmarish versions of the Player's allies: Arhu(HP <90%), Icara (HP 70%), Zandalor (HP 50%) and Zixzax (HP 30%).
  • These summons will have the skills & spells that are inspired from the real characters:
    • Arhu and Zandalor have elemental attacks;
    • Icara heals
    • Zixzax can make staticons_Hasted.pngHasted or staticons_Slowed.pngSlowed. He also as a fixed immunity aura sequence -- Fire, Water,Air Earth.
    • The Trife will also summon 4 Unstable Void Crystals that he & his summons will shoot if non-stunned Characters are standing nearby.

Tactician Mode
  • Zixzax doesn't have his elemental immunity sequence, but he can cast Skill_Water_MassHealing.jpgMass Heal.
  • Icara makes everyone Immune to Water in addition to:
    • Zandalor immune to fire
    • Arhu immune to air
    • Zixzax immune to earth.

Tips & Tricks

  • ???

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