The Troll's Bounty

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Forest
Linked Quests - The Naked Truth
- Maradino's Lair

The Troll's Bounty is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You can obtain this quest by speaking with Brandon at the Pickaxe Tavern in Silverglen. Speak to him about himself to start the quest.

Important NPCs

  • Brandon
  • Funder



  • 12,000 XP



  1. Discuss Brandon's Retirement Plans
  2. Get Maradino's Secret Files
  3. Use them in Troll King Cave
  4. Talk to Funder
  5. Talk to Timfred (Optional)
  6. Bring tenebrium ore to Brandon



  • Ask Brandon about himself and make sure to seem interested in his Retirement Plans. If you say no, the quest will not start and you will not have another opportunity to do this quest.
  • Brandon will give you a Blood Stone Cage to keep raw tenebrium.
  • Find Maradino's Secret Files in Maradino's Lair. Read it as well.
  • Then make your way to the Troll King Cave. Enter it without using any magic and exit.

Then place on of your heroes in the middle of the mushroom circle you will find around and then read from Maradino's Secret Files.

  • Then enter the cave again to find it nicely lit up. Find Funder the troll inside. Ask him about "being treated like maradino" and then win the RPS game to get more information from him about the Troll King.
  • If you completed Roy's Menagerie, you will find Timfred at the entrance of the cave. You can talk to him to have him distract all the trolls so you can go into the cave, mine tenebrium, and leave without having to fight any trolls.
  • If not, then simply fight your way through and mine some Tenebrium.
  • Return the tenebrium ore to Brandon .
    • NOTE: Brandon needs only one but he will take all the Tenebrium Ore in your inventory if you have more than one. So if you want to keep some, drop it on the ground before speaking to Brandon and then pick it up later.
  • Giving him the Tenebrium will give you +1 Tenebrium (Ability) and also a letter which you can use as evidence in The Naked Truth.

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    • Anonymous

      I missed the Blood Stone Cage because my other character refused to take the quest and I didn't realize until way too late. **** move of the devs to set it up like that. I can't re-trigger the conversation. What now?

      • Anonymous

        Update: I boxed Brandon in with crates and barrels, and 1 shotted the poison barrel to avoid aggroing the town. Brandon just walked in the poison until he died, and dropped the item.

        • You can also kill Brandon after he rewards you and he runs away for 1,500 XP. Talk to him when hes on the south side of the town center area, get your reward and before you exit the conversation quicksave. Finish the conversation and see where he runs away to. Now reload and have another party member grab the Poison Barrel just north at the smithy. You want to put down a trap area to kill him at. Put an oil field down, and the Poison barrel on the other side that way when he runs into the Oil, you can have a nearby archer with a fire arrow/fire bow, etc or a mage with fire spells light up the poison barrel/oil as he enters hopefully doing enough damage to kill him. I had to do a few times before i did a critical hit with my xbow which had fire 2ndary effect. Wipes him out (1,500 XP) plus doesn't aggro any townsmen.

          • Anonymous

            I attacked the primative palisade after beating the RPS, and it aggro'd both Funder and the Rabbit. Super easy fight obviously, but I didn't want to kill them so I fled.

            • Anonymous

              Maradino is just someone from a different side quest. Gotta say I found the first map a breeze but once I hit Lucella Forest I hadn't a clue where I should go next most of the time.

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