The Twin Dungeons

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests - ?????
- ????

The Twin Dungeons is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. It is bestowed automatically upon entering a dungeon - the entrance to which is guarded by 1 sick dog and 4 skeletons.

Important NPCs

  • n/a



  • Random loot
  • 645 xp



  1. Complete the puzzle by using the key from each dungeon on the opposite one.



  • This quest comprises two dungeons with elemental pillar puzzles: the order listed in each location's writings needs to be used in the other dungeon. One of your party should be on the North and other on the South dungeon. Read the lever order in the north dungeon with one character and then have the other pull the levers in her dungeon in that order.

Order of levers in the South Dungeon: You must pull the levers in the first room in the order the tombstone found in the second room lists: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.
Order of levers in the North Dungeon: You must pull the levers in the second room in the order the tombstone found in the first room lists: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

(South Dungeon code: Earth, Water, Air, Fire)
(North Dungeon code: Water, Earth, Air, Fire)

Once the levers are pulled, an enemy spawns on the opposite room, and once defeated loot the pendants dropped by the enemies and approach the newly revealed hatch, use then pendants on them to claim your reward.

Tactician+ Tips

if playing on Tactician or higher difficulty and want an easy encounter you can do the following:


  1. The Teleporter Pyramids.
  2. The Teleportation Skill or 2 Teleportation Scrolls instead. (Jahan Has the skill)


After defeating the guarding enemies for both access hatches to the dungeons give one of the pyramids to a companion and unlink them from the group then send them down one of the hatches and the rest of the group to the other hatch (this group MUST have the ally or character with the teleportation skill/scroll). Keep the group in sneaking mode by the entrance ladder and only send one to read the tombstone then send them back to the entrance and also enable sneaking, as for the lone ally in the other dungeon you can have them follow the steps to summon the "Mysterious Opponent". Choose one of the allies in the larger group to confirm that the enemy spawned then reactivate the water and air buttons to create a stunning field, now select the ally with the teleportation skill/scroll and while still in sneak mode get close to the enemy and teleport them to stunning field which will start a combat engagement but since they are stunned their turn will be skipped. Select the character you placed in the other dungeon and have them spam all the buttons or just the Earth/Fire or Air/Fire for the higher damage until the enemy is dead and go loot them.

Place the pyramids on the ground anywhere away from the pillars in both dungeons and change places then repeat the steps above to finish the other enemy and don't forget to loot the pendants. loot back the pyramids and go down the newly appeared hatches with both groups on both sides and follow down the path till you reach the doorway with the magical force field. Place both pendants on the pedestals to remove the barrier then take them back to resell. loot the chests and you are done.

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    • Anonymous

      Does this quest work with two female lead characters? I only battled one enemy. I can't get the other to spawn.

      • Anonymous

        May be a coincidence, but the loot seems to be based on the characters that triggered. Don't forget to grab the pendants after opening the barrier, they sell for decent cash at this level.

        • Anonymous

          The female opponent will summon a Dark Hatchling every 6th turn. Killing this summon grants XP when you kill it and is farmable, so long as you do not kill her and can survive. Her other summon does not grant XP

          • Anonymous

            hi, I, along with my partner, arrived at the twin tumoli, all done we went you have pillars where to put the pendants, but nothing happens the doors of the final treasure do not open, circular pendant on the right and rectangular on the left , but nothing .... that we missed something previously?

            • Anonymous

              Does it matter when you do this quest? I've beaten Evelyn but am wondering if the clones scale to the current levels of your characters. It'd be cool if the loot did as well.

              • Anonymous

                If you got one person carrying all items, do not let him/her do the puzzle, the "opponent" will have the same items in her/his inventory, it was a very very hard fight.

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