The Void Dragon is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

The Void Dragon




Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • The fight takes part in multiple phases.
  • PHASE 1: The Dragon summons 3 grunts (around Astarte), 2 casters, 1 mage; he's got non elemental close & long range attacks. He claws players if they are too close.
  • PHASE 2: (All Ph.1 summons killed or HP <70%) The Dragon will summon 3 spiders. He will start to use elemental close & long range attacks as well.(Fire,Poison and Electric).
  • PHASE 3: (All Ph.2 summons killed or HP <40%) The dragon may start to jump occasionally to the West, North and South corners of the room (in that preferred order). The jump will consume 5 AP.
  • PHASE 4: (HP <15%) He will jump back to his original position if he wasn't there already. Any enemies standing at his original position will get damaged and Knocked Down.

Tactician Mode
  • Every 2 turns, on the stairs to the left, a Void Widow spawns. She slowly walks to Astarte & when she reaches her, she blows herself up.

Tips & Tricks

  • The dragon will not try to use an elemental spell on a creature that is immune to it.
  • Standing on the dragon spawning point when he lands in the start damages players.
  • The best strategy here is to have one or two tank/warriors up close in front of the dragon, taking in and dealing most the hits. The Dragon won't attack Astarte and your ranged or mage characters further away this way. He will use up most his action points just engaging with the players closest to him.
  • The summons can come from every direction though so your backline characters should be wary of that deal with them as they appear while your frontline fighters engage the dragon.
  • Healing spells/potions will prove to be handy as this will be a fight of endurance.
  • Astarte will bless your characters with a 30% boost in Chance to Hit. This is absolutely necessary becauses the Dragon has a high chance of evading your attacks. Along with this blessing though, you still only have a maximum of 50% chance of successfully landing a hit. This just adds to the longevity (and sometimes frustration) of this fight.
  • You will need to keep Astarte alive and well healed or else you risk losing it all.
  • Charm the summons whenever possible. As a ranger, you will be able to successfully Charm most the summons as they have a very low willpower. This is ideal as you need all the extra help you can get.
  • Fire Shield is your biggest friend. Keeping one up the entire fight helps drastically. The dragon's preferred attacks are fire-based so a fire shield will help your frontline party members in enduring hits.
  • Avoid Rain at all costs. While it seems uninstinctive to not use water against a fiery enemy, the risk of using Rain is too much in this fight. The Dragon's electrical attacks are powerful. If the ground is wet from rain, and the Dragon casts an electrical attack, your party members will be stunned and suffer large amounts of damage.
  • When the dragon dies, all of his summons explode and will not damage you. No loot will drop; loot is unnecessary. Astarte will give you a final conversation, and you will be taken to the credits roll! There is no New Game +. There is a trip to Source hunter Head Quarters newly introduced in E.E. Conversations ,ultimately the credits,then you will simply be returned to the title screen.

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    • Anonymous

      BS In my Steam Enhanced edition damned dragon and all ads attack Astarte to the point I need to heal her all the time. Fkin Goddes supposedly battled him for centuries and noe she's useless. Even the Soul Forged Sisters take her as a target from the moment they turn.

      • Anonymous

        Two dual handed warriors, carrying a Sword of Wonder each and a Blacksmith 5 crafted axe on the other. Drain Willpower + Soulsap Void Dragon, Rage + Melee Power Stance + Oath of Descration on both Warriors. Flurry and Crippling Blow. Done. Didn't even need to hit the Void Dragon with the second warrior a second time.

        It's easier than you think on Classic.

        • Anonymous

          I used the "chains of pain" ability on my tank character with over 5000 HP and kept tanking dragon along with some summoned adds. I used my mage's "regeneration" in order to heal Astarte, "freezing touch" to freeze Leandra/Icara whenever she went dark and kept using "meteor shower" on the void dragon. I also had a hunter and a 2H warrior, I used them to deal with the summoned adds.

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