The Watch is Coming

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Dark Forest
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The Watch is Coming is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest begins when you speak to Moriendor or Myrthos at the top of the Knight's Tomb in the Dark Forest.

Important NPCs

  • Moriendor
  • Myrthos





  1. Talk to Morendor or Myrthos
  2. Decide to send them away or tell them where the imps are
  3. Talk to them or the Dark Underlord depending on your choice



  • This quest begins when you talk to either of the hunters. They are looking for Imps. These are the Imps you come across in Homestead.
  • In your conversation you can choose one of the two options:
    • Send them on a fool's errand to Cyseal where they will never find the imps. You will need to speak with them again on the beach in Cyseal to complete the quest.
    • Or you can tell them the imps are in homestead and they will give you a Mystical Tome as a reward. Head back to Homestead to see them teleport away with the Imps and complete the quest.
  • If you chose to send the hunters to Cyseal. Then you can speak with the Dark Underlord in Homestead about this and he will give you a Mystical Tome as a reward. He will also pull off all the imps from following you.

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    • Anonymous

      18,000 bonus exp for killing the imps in Homestead before the watch teleports them away at the end of their conversation.

      Just make sure you let the conversation start for the 10,200 EXP quest completion bonus, then nuke them. The watch seem to insta-teleport if you damage them too much so just focus area of effect on the imps.

      It was surprisingly satisfying...

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