The Wishing Brother

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Locations Cyseal and Hiberhiem
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The Wishing Brother is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You'll receive this quest from Walter in Cyseal. You may not be able to complete this quest right away as it requires you to complete Eternal Winter and kill King Boreas in Hiberheim.

Important NPCs

  • Walter McWishing Well
  • William McWishing Well



  • + 14230 XP (includes optional charisma experience from William's wish)
  • + Random Loot



  1. Speak with Walter
  2. Steal Well Teleportation Scroll
  3. Read it in front of William
  4. Return to Walter



  • This quest begins when you speak with Walter McWishing Well southwest from the undead-filled Church in cyseal. He is a well that will tell you about William McWishing Well, his brother who was kidnapped by King Boreas of Hiberheim, and that he can't grant wishes without him.
  • You will then need to complete Eternal Winter and make your way to Hiberheim before you can continue.
  • After killing King Boreas, you can enter Boreas's Treasure Room in his castle to find a Well Transportation Scroll. You will need this scroll to teleport William back to his brother.
  • You can find William just northeast of the Hiberheim Forest Waypoint, at the Fortress.
  • While talking to William, you may ask for a wish. Either convince him or pay him to get the wish. You can ask him to either stop the lava explosions or the blizzard. Note that the second option will cause the three immaculate groups in the frozen forest to leave, so be sure to finish those events first.
  • Read the Well Teleportation Scroll whilst standing next to William to teleport him back to Walter.
  • Return to Cyseal and speak with Walter to complete the quest.
  • As a reward, Walter will grant you a wish in return for some gold. Select the 1500 Gold option because money is easy to get.

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    • Anonymous

      Take care not to craft any magic scrolls after obtaining the Well Teleportation Scroll! Just go straight from the Treasure Room to the well, nothing in between. I had to find out the hard way after googling why the log says I have the spell and my inventory clearly not having it.

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