The Witch at Home

~Quest Giver~
Icara, White Witch
Quest Type Side
Location Homestead
Linked Quests - Find the Witch
- A Forge of Souls
- Investigating the Mines

The Witch at Home is a Side Quest in the original Divinity: Original Sin  that has been removed in the Enhanced Edition. It is triggered when you finish the main quest Find the Witch and Icara (White Witch) and Zixzax leave for Homestead.

This quest has no rewards, but it allows you to start 2 other quests -- A Forge of Souls & Investigating the Mines. Just speak with the White Witch when she is at Homestead to complete the quest.

Important NPCs



  • None



  1. Finish Find the Witch
  2. Go to Homestead
  3. Speak with Icara standing next to the Tapestry of Time
  4. Finish the Conversation



Through the conversation you will learn the following things:

  • Icara and Leandra are sourcerers whose parents were killed by source hunters
  • Icara and Leandra are soul-forged but this connection has been weakening
  • Icara and Leandra both loved the same man but his choosing of Icara over Leandra made her flee from Icara

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