The-Ghoul-That-Guards-The-Lighthouse is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.




Level ?
Difficulty Normal
Location Lighthouse (Cyseal)

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • The Ghoul sends its 3 wolves (Lupine Horrors) to attack first. When they die, he resurrects them but only once. If you kill them again, then they will remain dead.
  • The Ghoul can use Skill_Air_Teleportation.jpgTeleportation to teleport himself to your characters and melee-attack them.
  • He is also supported in this fight by 2 Undead Archers and an exploskeleton.

Tactician Mode

  • The Ghoul has the ability to Banish Summons (Any creatures you summon can be removed).
  • He also has an Elemental Ward that does not attack, but is there to protect the boss. It will always skip its turn. It's hidden to the south and will not move.


Tips & Tricks

  • Elemental Ward is floating (like ghosts) so is immune to all surfaces.
  • They have little armor and not much HP, but they do have high resistances.
  • Elemental Wards have:
    • Fire Resistance 150%
    • Water Resistance 150%
    • Air Resistance 150%
    • Earth Resistance 150%
  • Fire Arrows and Firestorm Grenades are your friends against him. Sneak on him, and throw the grenade/shoot the arrow to initiate the fight.
  • Malediction spell does wonders.

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