Thick Skin is a Talent in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. 


Talent_ThickSkin.jpgThick Skin


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    • Anonymous

      I was really skeptical as a new player to this older addition with this perk and i still do think Leech is similar to armor absorption and it compliment it nice as 5% of life is rather big if you go for it.
      Thing about armor it have some strange thresholds and it constantly change when you gain level or if enemy have higher level.
      From what I have observed just small changes after the threshold can be dramatic and then go linear from there.
      Let say for example 5 armor is like 1% where 25 can be 27% and from there on it become rather constant for each unit of armor at solid returns.
      Because its rather linear from one point and got decent returns and its % based reduction its rather substantial if you buff 20 armor and taking critical that will otherwise do 130 damage or less then 80 if you buff on top of existing armor.
      This rather changed my opinion of values of this extra bits of armor as changes can be rather dramatical if you add it here or there, leadership give flat armor (6) on lvl >3, this perk, armor specialist, Melee Defensive Stance (20) and Fortify (20).
      May look insignificant but after braking threshold it can easily go from 35% to 55% with some 25 flat armor.

      • Anonymous

        I'm curious: what's the typical armor level when a character can get, say, Man At Arms to 4 or 5? I wonder if the talent helps all that much.

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