Tools in Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition are shown below.

Icon Item Value More Info
Anvil   Can be moved but not put into your inventory. Used to craft weapons and armor.
Axe Varies Two handed axes do not work.
Bucket 3  
Furnace   Used for ores, paper, and food.
Hammer 3  smash tomatoes or potatoes
Identifying Glass 188  
Lockpicks 68  
Magic Ink Pot and Quill 200  
Magic Needle and Thread 154  
  Mill   Only used for the quest Distill My Heart.
Mobile Kitchen 3 Used for cooking.
Mortar and Pestle 23  
Needle and Thread 30  
  Oven   Used for Cooking.
  Pot Still   Used for quest Distill My Heart.
Pickaxe 540  
Repair Hammer 120  
Shears 6  
Shovel 3  
Tong 120  
Trap Disarm Toolkit 120  
Whetstone 23 Portable version of the Whetstone Wheel.
  Whetstone Wheel   Used for improving Weapons.

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