Twins-By-Fire-Joined are a level 8 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.





Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • The Twins can use Skill_Fire_Fireball.jpgFireball,Skill_Fire_BurningTouch.jpgBurning Touch (on self- to heal).
  • Every 3 turns (if notstaticons_Wet.pngWet orstaticons_Frozen.pngFrozen), the Twins will enter a "charge mode" for 2 turns, during which they can't attack nor use Attacks of Opportunity.
  • They can be interrupted by making them staticons_Wet.pngWet or staticons_Frozen.pngFrozen, or leaving the area.
  • If after 2 turns spent charging, the Twins cast a Skill_Fire_MeteorStrike.jpgMeteor Shower on the farthest character.
  • The Twins explode upon death, causing damage to all nearby targets.

Tactician Mode
  • The Twins will not cast a Skill_Fire_Fireball.jpgFireball on targets that can be healed by it (i.e. characters with >100% Fire Resistance)
  • The Charred-Bone Executioner will use skill_fire_Purifyingfire.jpg Purifying Fire to remove any Healing or Shield status effects from your characters.

Tips & Tricks

  • Towards the back of the room there is a Charred-Bone Idol which will resurrect all skeletons around it every 4 turns (They will return with 60% of their HP). If it detects a Player too close to it, it will cast Fear or Nullify Resistances. Kill it using arrows or spells.
  • One way to nullify the resurrection from the Idol (which can make the fight really annoying) is to kite all of the skeletons and the Twins down the hill away from it (near that cart by that broken wall is far enough), kill them , then run back and finish off the now toothless Idol from afar.
  • Using Skill_Water_Rain.jpgRain can prove very useful as you can first make everyone staticons_Wet.pngWet and then cast electric spells like Skill_Air_BlitzBolt.jpgBlitz Bolt to stun all your enemies.

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