Two-Handed is an Ability in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.



  • Two-Handed increases the critical chance and the critical damage you do using Two-Handed weapons (axe, sword, staff).
  • Level 1: Boost starts at +10% critical chance boost and sets base critical damage multiplier to 220%.
  • Each following point boosts the critical chance (by 4%, except level 5 boost is only 3%) and the critical damage multiplier (by 20%).
  • Level 5 Two-Handed ability would have 25% critical chance and 300% critical damage multiplier.
  • Level 6 in Two-Handed increases critical chance to 27% but doesn't change critical damage multiplier.
  • There is no benefit to increasing the Two-Handed ability beyond level 6.
  • Same scaling as Crossbow ability.
  • Bonuses can be found on Weapons (Single-handed, Two-handed, Bows, and Crossbows), Shields, Bracers and Belts.

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