War of the Stones

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Dark Forest
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War of the Stones is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. It may be the most gruesome and long side quests in the entire game. It begins when you speak to the Jahrl in Tribesmen's Warehouse (in Hunter's Edge) about the missing Blood Stones. He will ask you to find evidence against the Orcs as he is convinced they are the culprits of this theft.

This quest will end in a large battle between the Tribesmen and the Orcs in which a lot of Hunter's Edge is wiped out. As such it is suggested to do this quests last, after you have completed the other side quests in the Dark Forest area.

Important NPCs

  • Jahrl
  • Bruil
  • Garrick
  • Hornless Gorag



  • Up to 60,720 XP for completing the quest
  • Additional 112,390 XP if you manage to kill all the Orcs in the battle.



  1. Speak to the Jahrl
  2. Open the room where the Bloodstones were stored
  3. Follow the blood trail
  4. Convince / Fight Bruil to let you through at the helm of the Knight's Tomb
  5. Activate 3 levers at the gate of Knight's Tomb
  6. Read the Embossed Sign
  7. Talk to / Fight the Watchful Guardian
  8. Find Garrick
  9. Get the Star Stone
  10. Speak to the Hornless Gorag
  11. Show the horn to the Jahrl
  12. Witness the War
  13. Speak to the Tribesmen after the war ends



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    • what i did and trying to see if i missed any exp somewhere. Before i was ready to head to the Knights Tomb i killed all the Orcs and Tribesmen and npcs except Grutilda and Jahrl so they could finish the quest at the very end. Did the tomb stuff got the horn. Came back talked to Grutilda about the Tenebrium vendor 6,800 XP even though he was dead already. Showed the horn to Jahrl (4,080 XP) he ran off to call Grutilda so i killed him right after he called (4,080 XP). Ran inside and attacked Grutilda she changed form AND reanimated the 6 Guard orcs i killed earlier. Killed her (10,200 XP) and the 6 guards (5,830 XP each) and the final quest updated 10,200 XP and +1 Reputation.

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