Wind-Up Toy




Summon a level X bomb in a 3.0m radius for 30s (5 turns). (X = caster level)
special-icon.jpg SPECIAL
  • None
action_point-icon.jpg AP COST
  • 2 Use
saving_throws-icon.jpg SAVING THROW
  • None
  • Requires Level 9
  • 10 turn(s) Cooldown

You can only have one summon at a time.

Wind-Up Toy is a Skill in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Wind-Up Toy Information

  • Recommended Scoundrel Level : 3
    • This Skill will cost +2 AP for each level below the recommended one.



Scoundrel skills 
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    • Anonymous

      This skill is a joke! The spawn area is super close to the caster and its initiative is low, so it ends up just sitting next to the caster (and most of the time the entire party) for a long time before it can go... long enough to get hit by enemy fire and explode for some serious friendly fire damage.

      • Anonymous

        best summon in the game, just make sure you are not near it when it blows up
        huge damage with a large radius for only 2AP

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