Witch is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Witch Information

"The Witch grinned over the great cauldron. Golden vapors twined upward in intricate patterns, and a fragrance of sweet jasmine filled the dark cellar. The perfect poison, the Witch thought. Beautiful and deadly.

Suddenly, BANG: the cellar door flew open and a troop of ten Source Hunters burst in. The witch smiled and, with a single nod, a small army of oozing undead filled the space before the cauldron.

'This time, we are not here to fight,' the leader of the Source Hunters called. 'We need you.' She paused. '...and you need us.' "


Starting Gear

  • Summon Undead Warrior Scroll
  • Robe
  • Earth Staff



  • Witches are not as strong as Wizards when it comes to dealing direct damage. Do not just spam spells.
  • You need to be a bit more measured and evaluate the situation before casting a summon and wasting action points. Use your traps wisely.




Talent_PetPal.jpgPet Pal

Enables you to talk to animals. (Note: This is useful for starting/completing some quests, as well as tapping into the general humor of the game).


Talent_WalkItOff.jpgWalk It Off

Reduces duration of all statuses that have Bodybuilding saving throw by 1 turn.

Starting Skills


Skill_Earth_SummonSpider.jpgSummon Spider

Summon a level 8 spider in a 10.0m radius for 30s.


Skill_Source_BoostDamage.jpgOath of Desecration

Malediction weakens and curses an enemy. 100% base chance to cause status effect Cursed and Weakened for 3 turns.


Skill_Source_VampiricTouch.jpgVampiric Touch

Heal yourself with the life force of someone else. Damages them for X - Y piercing damage. 200% chance to heal 70 Vitality


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