Wizard is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Wizard Information

"The Wizard's eyes snapped up from the heavy tome. Outside the small hut, the unmistakable sound of a struggle erupted, and an orcish roar sent shivers down the wizard's spine. But now was not the time for fear.

By the light of the moons, the orc's hulking silhouette was a boil upon the outline of the peaceful woods. He had pinned someone beneath one great knee, and the victim cried out in futile anguish. The wizard whistled. Turning its great head, the orc had only just noticed the distant figure before its great green mass erupted into a shower of ash.

The would-be victim rose, dusting the orc from his hair, and held out a hand. The signet ring of the Order of the Source Hunters glinted upon his finger.

'Friend,' he said, 'I was sent to find the great wizard of these woods. But it seems you found me first.' "


Starting Gear

  • Fireball scroll
  • Robe
  • Fire staff



  • Wizards are most effective when partnered with Knight or Fighter class party members who can absorb all enemy damage towards themselves.
  • Wizards have special ability to specialize in elements of your choice. Though it is best to have an extra element ready as backup for enemies who are immune to your main elemental attacks.
  • Wizards can work with other party members to set up environmental traps (e.g. Setting fire to an oily surface made by an Enchanter)





Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 20 but gives you 1 extra point in Intelligence.


Talent_FarOutMan.jpgFar Out Man

Increases the range of spells and scrolls by 2.0m.

Starting Skills


Skill_Earth_OilSurface.jpgMidnight Oil

Create an oil surface.



Cast magical heat that does x-y fire damage. 100% chance to set Warm status for 3 turns.


Skill_Earth_BoulderDash.jpgBoulder Bash

A Boulder comes crashing from the sky. It does X-Y earth damage to anything within a 1.0m range from impact, creating an oil surface where it lands.

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