Ability Level Maximum No. of Skills
1 3 Novice Skills
2 5 Novice Skills, 2 Adept Skills
3 6 Novice Skills, 3 Adept Skills
4 6 Novice Skills, 4 Adept Skills, 1 Master Skill
5 6 Novice Skills, 4 Adept Skills, 2 Master Skills

Skills in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are actions or spells that are used by characters to cause a particular effect depending on that skill. They are categorized into 8 categories depending on the Ability it corresponds to. Click Here to see the category table below.


If you are looking for Divinity: Original Sin 2 Skills, please click here.

Learning Skills

Skills are learned using Skill Books that players can purchase from vendors, or find in loots throughout the game. Skills can be forgotten, which will free up the skill slot that it previously occupied. Once forgotten, a Skill can only be reacquired by finding another copy of the associated Skill Book. A character can learn a few Skills associated with each Ability they have one point in, and every further Ability point invested increases this limit, as shown in the table below.

Skill Tiers

Each skill now has a difficulty tier: Novice, Adept or Master. The simple skills are Novice skills. With one point in the school's ability, you can already learn some Novice skills. However, for the more powerful skills, you have to invest a certain amount of ability points in the school's ability to be able learn skills of the Adept or Master tier.

Ability Levels

Each skill recommends a certain Ability level; if this level is not met, the Action Point cost of the skill is increased by 2 for each Ability level below the requirement. Also, every even Intelligence point after five will reduce the skill cooldown by one (minimum 1).

Attribute Levels

Skills have a recommended Attribute requirement based on their Skill level. Each Attribute point below the requirement reduced the effectiveness of the Skill by 10%, while each Attribute Point above the requirement grants a 5% Bonus. The effectiveness of a Skill affects its chance of causing the Status Effect that it carries. The damage caused by the Skill is also affected by the attribute requirement. For example, the Aerotheurge skill " Chain Lightning" requires at least 13 attribute points in Intelligence- to be able to have a 70% base chance of causing the Status Effect Stunned. If you have only 12 points of Intelligence (-1 from the requirement) then the base chance will be 60% instead. If you had 16 points of Intelligence (+3 from the requirement), the base chance would then be 85% instead.



Novice Skills


Adept Skills



Master Skills


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