Lone Wolf is a Talent in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. 


Talent_LoneWolf.jpgLone Wolf


  • The character receives no companion but gains:
    • 70% bonus to base vitality
    • 2 bonus to Turn Action Points and maximum Action Points
    • 1 extra Ability Point on level up
  • Incompatible with Glass Cannon


Tips and Tricks

  • Pick lone wolf on characters that need to tank up or will be hybrid classes (or both). This is because of the extra vitality and ability points lone wolves get.
    • Regular character tend to struggle when going for a hybrid build because they spread themselves too thin.
  • Creating two lone wolf characters adds difficulty to the game because enemies will focus attacks more.
    • Additionally, you don't get double action points and health, so your party overall has less HP and actions.
    • However, some players find the base game too easy (especially after beating it once or twice), so the extra challenge is ideal for them.
  • Getting Status_Effect_Stunned.pngstunned or Status_Effect_Knocked_Down.pngknocked down removes 50% of your party instead of only 25%, so bodybuilding and willpower become much more important.

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