The differences between the Console and PC Versions of Divinty Original Sin Enhanced Edition are detailed below. While Larian have done a great job in trying to provide nearly the same experience for all versions of the game, there are some minor differences that exist.

These differences are mostly visual and due to limitations of hardware. These differences do not affect gameplay greatly.

Console to PC Differences


List of Differences:

  • No Mod support for console versions.
  • 60 FPS - PC Version supports up to 4K resolution and 120 FPS. The console versions are limited to 1080p/30 FPS (usually staying around 25fps during combat).
  • Reduced Effects - Console versions are missing water flow animation and cool spark effects on spells.

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      Console uses a nearby search action. PC uses show all visible item tags.

      Console has normal casting, while out of combat. PC locks all action and movements while waiting for spell to cast (For singleplayers).

      Console can teleport objects on top of units for damage. PC cannot teleport objects above any occupied space/enemies, only near them, dealing damage if it clips them.

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