Personality Abilities in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition increase the character's effectiveness with various weapon types. By increasing these Abilities, characters will save money while buying or selling goods, increase the likelihood of dialogue persuasions/intimidations, confer bonuses to party members, or simply increase the chances of finding loot.


Personality Abilities






  • Bartering determines your haggling skills with traders. More so than Charisma and/or Reputation.
  • Each point makes items 10% cheaper to buy, or 10% more profitable to sell.
  • Bonuses can be found on Boots and Amulets.
  • Gains +1 from the Egotistical Trait.





  • Leadership will give boosts to party members and friends that can see you.
  • Each point provides bonuses to every nearby party member and allied NPC (including summons) in range EXCEPT the person with this skill.
  • Bonuses include +5-10 Initiative, +10%-15% Damage, +10% Chance to Hit, +2% Critical Chance, +10% Armour, Fear Immunity, +1 Willpower and +1 Bodybuilding.
  • Bonuses can be found on Helmets, Weapons and the Righteous trait.
  • Leadership is best put on 2 party members - probably the main characters - due to its plethora of always-on spiffy bonuses.


Lucky Charm

  • Lucky Charm determines your luck in finding extra treasure and improves your Offence Rating.
  • Each point increases your chance to find extra loot and also the quality of the loot from chests and containers.
  • Each point increases your Offence Rating by 3.
  • Bonuses can be found on Boots and Shields and Crafted dagger.
  • Gains +1 from the Romantic trait.1

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