Attributes are the base stats of your characters in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. When you create a new character, you will start with 5 points into each attribute, and you will have 5 attribute points to allocate yourself, and then gain another attribute point at every even level. You will have a maximum of 15 Attribute Points to spend in total at max level. Skills are affected by attributes. You need a minimum of x points into the target skill's main attribute for it to be effective. Each point below this number makes the skill 10% less effective, and each point above it makes it 5% more powerful. Each attribute will cap at 15 points - but you can surpass this by equipping gear with + Points.





Strength is an attribute for Melee fighters mostly. It affects Man-at-Arms skills

  • +20 Carry Weight per point (starts at 5)
  • +6 Offense Rating per point for Strength-based Weapons



Dexterity is an attribute for Rangers and Scoundrels mostly. It affects Expert Marksman and Scoundrel skills

  • +5 Defense Rating per point (starts at 5)
  • +6 Offense Rating per point for Dexterity-based Weapons



Intelligence is an attribute required for most skills. It affects Aerotheurge, Geomancer, Hydrosophist, Pyrokinetic and Witchcraft skills

  • -1 Turn Cooldown time of Magic skills for every 2 Intelligence points after 4 Intelligence
    • Example, at 6 Intelligence points = -1 Turn Cooldown time, at 8 Intelligence points = -2 Turn Cooldown time, etc.
  • +6 Offense Rating per point for Intelligence-based Weapons



Constitution is an attribute for Melee fighters mostly. It is beneficial to Fighters and Knights.

  • +1 Maximum Action Point capacity per point (starts at 7)
  • +6.2 Vitality per point and level



Speed is an attribute for determining your Movement speed outside combat, and Initiative in combat (faster characters attack first).

  • +0.1 Movement per point
  • +0.5 Initiative per point
  • +0.5 starting Action Points per point (starts at 2)
  • +0.5 Turn Action Points per point (starts at 3.5)



Perception is the attribute for determining your chances of landing a Critical Hit, your initiative and the starting Action Points your character has when a battle begins, similar to Speed.

  • +1.0 Hearing per point
  • +0.5 Initiative per point
  • +0.5 starting Action Points per point (starts at 2)
  • +1% Critical Chance per point above 5
  • Improved ability to detect traps
  • Accuracy when shooting over long distances
    • Normally every 0.2 meters from the target reduces chance to hit by 1%
    • With each point of Perception, the distance before the above reduction applies is increased by 0.4 meters


Extended statistics

These statistics are determined by your character’s base statistics. They can be affected by skills, stances, statuses, gear, abilities, and talents.

  • Sight: Determines how far your character can see and how quickly your character can spot enemies
  • Hearing: Determines how quickly your character will be able to hear enemies
  • Movement: The distance your character can run with one action point
  • Initiative: Determines the order of your character’s combat turn

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    • Anonymous

      i recommend starting with 9 speed
      you can get gear early that boosts your main attribute but not speed
      having 8 (or 10 with lonewolf) AP per round from the start is great

      • Anonymous

        perception also allows you to see which option gives you a bonus or negative in the rock paper scissors game
        and it allows you to "see" invisible enemies out of combat from a distance

        intelligence also increases the damage and healing of water, earth, fire and aero spells
        and strength allows you throw further and lift heavier objects

        • Anonymous

          I'm really surprised that most of points during game (curently lvl 11) i spend on Constitution, fanny i know.
          Reason is on ranger i planed for early lvl 5 Glass cannon so eventually i raised its Constitution to 12, when you half it its basicly as having 6 Con but still gaining AP and max AP, i was counting for him last to act when others buff him.
          On my Wand character i was hitting speed only up to 11 and then decided to get glass cannon as well on lvl 12 or15.
          For Jahan i invested also up to 8 con currently for he is close combat elemental affinity with a shied and Wolgraff after getting 9 speed i consider investing 7+ in constitution so not to make him to reliant and wasting AP urgently.

          • Anonymous

            I find this on some forum and spend time looking into this hope its of some use here.

            For weapon-based combat, each stat affects the chance to hit of its respective weapon type.
            When it comes to skills, on top of cooldown reduction (which is already quite good, particularly for Intelligence-based skills), stats also affect the chance a given skill has to apply its status effect - be it a buff or an offensive skill. In the latter case, having more than 100% is not wasted either, because the score will be reduced by the target's Bodybuilding/Willpower skill.

            • Anonymous

              Attributes does not effect damage at all. You can say it adds to DPS, cooldowns speed (up to -2), increased chance for specific skill effects and attacks chance to hit (tho wands special arrow ignore accuracy).

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