Armor in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is used to improve protection against physical attacks. Various types of armor can be found throughout the game via random loots, Boss-drops, Quest-Rewards or even Crafting

Different types of armor affect your Armor Rating differently. These values can be observed from your "Character Sheet". The amount of protection is dependant on your Armor Rating and the Resistances you have to elemental attacks. These values taken together as a whole determine your defensive capability against a given attack. Various items can be used to improve these values and minimise the damage taken from enemy attacks. For more information, see the Defenses page.

Armor Rating

Your Armor Rating determines how much non-magical damage your armor absorbs. The formula below shows the calculation Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition makes to determine the proportion of damage blocked from an incoming attack. The armor rating can be improved using items, the Armor Specialist ability and other abilities like Leadership.


Proportion Blocked = Armor Rating / ((4.5 * (1 + Attacker Level)) + Armor Rating)


Armor in DOS

Armor in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition can be divided into the categories below. Click on each tab to see Armor of that category.



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