Defenses in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are of 5 types, giving your character protection against physical or elemental attacks. These values can be observed from your "Character Sheet".


Defense Ratings

The amount of protection is dependant on your Armor Rating and the Resistances you have to elemental attacks. These values taken together as a whole determine your defensive capability against a given attack. Various items can be used to improve these values and minimise the damage taken from enemy attacks. Below is the list of Ratings that are relevant to determine your defensive capability.


Armor Rating

Your Armor Rating determines how much non-magical damage your armor absorbs. The formula below shows the calculation Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition makes to determine the proportion of damage blocked from an incoming attack. The armor rating can be improved using items, the Armor Specialist ability and other abilities like Leadership.

Proportion Absorbed = Armor Rating / ((4.5 * (1 + Attacker Level)) + Armor Rating)



Defense Rating

Your Defense Rating determines the chance of success of enemy hits. The higher the rating, the easier it is to miss enemy attacks.


Block Rating

This percentage shows the probability of your character blocking a melee or ranged attack. (Note: Blocking can only occur if you have a Shield equipped on your character)


Resistances reduce the amount of damage taken from their respective element by the percentage that is shown on the Character Sheet. For example, 25 Water Resistance would mean the damage taken from water-based attacks will be reduced by 25%.

These resistances can vary on a scale from negative to over 100. A negative resistance will actually increase the damage taken from that particular type of attacks. A resistance value over 100 will turn that damage into healing instead. See the example below for reference.

  • " Water Resistance -25 " means that any water-based enemy attacks will deal 125% of the original damage value of the attack.
  • " Water Resistance 50 " means that any water-based enemy attacks will deal 50% of the original damage value of the attack.
  • " Water Resistance 180 " means that any water-based enemy attacks will actually HEAL your HP by 80% of the original damage value of that attack.


Types of Resistances







Defense Abilities


Defense Abilities in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition increase the character's effectiveness with various weapon types. By increasing these Abilities, characters will take less damage, be able to move further when wearing heavy armor, become less likely to be affected by status effects, or increase their block chance.





Armour Specialist

  • Armour Specialist improves your Armor Rating and decreases your Heavy Armor movement penalty.
  • Each point increases armor rating by 3 and reduces movement penalties from wearing heavy armor by 20%.
  • Some armors require a certain armor specialist level to equip (metal armors that have strength requirements and are level ~13-15 and up)
  • Bonuses can be found on Helmets and Chest Armor.




Shield Specialist



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