Traits in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition track the personality of a character to determine certain statistical bonuses that are given to you.

How Traits Works

These are accessible in your character menu. They are displayed in pairs of 2, and a sliding meter shows towards which side is your character is progressing. The bonuses are applied when one side of the trait has higher points than the other.

For example, "Pragmatic" increases your Crafting score by 1 point, whereas "Romantic" (on the opposite side of that scale) increases your Luck score by 1 point. You can never receive a bonus from Pragmatic and Romantic at the same time. If you (for example) make a dozen Pragmatic choices and never choose a Romantic choice, you will only have a +1 in Crafting gained from being Pragmatic a dozen times (and not +12 as you might expect). In order to ever be considered Romantic (and earn a +1 in Luck), you'd have to make 13 Romantic choices (and no further Pragmatic choices).


Left Bonus Left Right Right Bonus
+1 Willpower Independent Obedient +1 Willpower when an ally with Leadership is in sight (+2 Willpower if ally has Leadership 5 or higher)
+3% Critical Chance Compassionate Heartless +20% chance to hit when backstabbing
+2 Reputation Altruistic Egotistical +1 Bartering
+1 Leadership Righteous Renegade +1 Pickpocketing
Immune to Charmed Blunt Considerate +1 Charisma
+1 Initiative Bold Cautious +1 Sneaking
+1 Crafting Pragmatic Romantic +1 Lucky Charm
Immune to Cursed Forgiving Vindictive +20% chance to hit on attacks of opportunity
Immune to Fear Spiritual


+1 Loremaster

List of Trait events

Throughout the game the player characters will partake in events where they may need to make a choice. In these events each of the two main player characters can make differing choices, which will decide which trait each character gets, and ultimately how the event is resolved. In the case where the two main characters disagree with how to solve an event the ultimate choice is decided via the game's Persuasion Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic.

Some events are optional in which the main characters are responding to an event which has recently taken place. This is symbolized by the main characters having a yellow exclamation mark above their heads. In this case the player may initiate a conversation between the main characters by making their currrently controlled character talk to the other.

The following is a comprehensive list2 of events found throughout the game which influence the characters' personality traits (Note: They may appear out of order due to the non-linear nature of the game):

# Event Choice of trait
1. Journal on found on corpse on the Beach Pragmatic vs Romantic
2. Investigate the Tomb Independent vs Obedient
3. Drunk Guards Independent vs Obedient
4. Follow-Up Question if player decided to fight the Drunk Guards Heartless vs Compassionate
5. Ishmashel Altruistic vs Egotistical
6.1 The Fish Thief in Cyseal Market Righteous vs Renegade
6.2 Follow-Up if player let him steal the fish Considerate vs Blunt
7. Mendius Outside the Inn Bold vs Cautious
8. Mendius Outside the Inn Altruistic vs Egotistical
9. Mendius Outside the Inn Independent vs Obedient
10. Mendius Outside the Inn Bold vs Cautious
11. Chicken Chef Compassionate vs Heartless
12. Sailors Egotistical vs Altruistic
13. Orc Romance - Decide the fate of the Charmed Orc Pragmatic vs Romantic
14. Grave Behind Clinic Heartless vs Compassionate
15. Evelyn at the Clinic Pragmatic vs Romantic
16. Weaver and Zixzax Pragmatic vs Romantic
17. Eglander the Elf (1st time at the inn) Forgiving vs Vindictive
18. Aureus about Eglander Righteous vs Renegade
19. Sheroth Upstairs at the Inn Pragmatic vs Obedient
20. “Another innocent fallen…” choice Heartless vs Compassionate
21. Wulfrum Escort Compassionate vs Heartless
22. Framing Evelyn Righteous vs Renegade
23. Samson the Ghost Forgiving vs Vindictive
24. Legionaries by Lighthouse Egotistical vs Altruistic
25. Selenia about Lighthouse Legionaries Blunt vs Considerate
26. Burned House Hobo Spiritual vs Materialistic
27. Blossius’ Will Heartless vs Compassionate
28. Aureus about Grave Guy Righteous vs Renegade
29. Aureus about Esmerelda Righteous vs Renegade
30. Helping Alfie Altruistic vs Egotistical
31. Crying Orc on the Cyseal Beach Materialistic vs Spiritual
32. Zombie Nick after Attaching Head Renegade vs Righteous
33. Samson and Desmonia in Lighthouse Heartless vs Compassionate
34. Exploskeleton in Silverglen Inn Cautious vs Bold
35. Brandon the Tenebrium Guy Bold vs Cautious
36. Hooker Blunt vs Considerate
36. Bellegar in the Cave Romantic vs Pragmatic
37. Crab on the Beach at Watcher Statues Bold vs Cautious
38. Sorcerer Sunbathing on Beach Blunt vs Considerate
39. Guy in Mines that Recognizes Madora Bold vs Cautious
40. Guy in Mines that Recognizes Madora Blunt vs Considerate
41. Skeletons in Mines Romantic vs Pragmatic
42. Teleporting in Minds Bold vs Cautious
43. Sam and Maxine Pragmatic vs Romantic
44. Staff of Permagnon Materialistic vs Spiritual
45. Ebenezer by the Church Spiritual vs Materialistic
46. Thelyron before Braccus Forgiving vs Vindictive
47. Arhu Conversation Cautious vs Bold
48. Spider Cult Righteous vs Renegade
49. Cows in Silverglen Bold vs Cautious
50. Hiberheim Elemental Earth Prison Righteous vs Renegade
51. Yox Independent vs Obedient
52. Turning in SS Spiritual vs Materialistic
53. Haizea Altruistic vs Egotistical
54. Leandra Stones Spiritual vs Materialistic
55. Free Icara Pragmatic vs Romantic
56. Troll in Forest Altruistic vs Materialistic
57. Skeleton by Fountain in Hunter’s Edge Pragmatic vs Romantic

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