Traits in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition track the personality of a character to determine certain statistical bonuses that are given to you.

How Traits Works

These are accessible in your character menu. They are displayed in pairs of 2, and a sliding meter shows towards which side is your character is progressing. The bonuses are applied when one side of the trait has higher points than the other.

For example, "Pragmatic" increases your Crafting score by 1 point, whereas "Romantic" (on the opposite side of that scale) increases your Luck score by 1 point. You can never receive a bonus from Pragmatic and Romantic at the same time. If you (for example) make a dozen Pragmatic choices and never choose a Romantic choice, you will only have a +1 in Crafting gained from being Pragmatic a dozen times (and not +12 as you might expect). In order to ever be considered Romantic (and earn a +1 in Luck), you'd have to make 13 Romantic choices (and no further Pragmatic choices).


Left Bonus Left Right Right Bonus
+1 Willpower Independent Obedient +1 Willpower when an ally with Leadership is in sight (+2 Willpower if ally has Leadership 5 or higher)
+3% Critical Chance Compassionate Heartless +20% chance to hit when backstabbing
+2 Reputation Altruistic Egotistical +1 Bartering
+1 Leadership Righteous Renegade +1 Pickpocketing
Immune to Charmed Blunt Considerate +1 Charisma
+1 Initiative Bold Cautious +1 Sneaking
+1 Crafting Pragmatic Romantic +1 Lucky Charm
Immune to Cursed Forgiving Vindictive +20% chance to hit on attacks of opportunity
Immune to Fear Spiritual Materialistic +1 Loremaster

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