Below are the maps for the 4 regions in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.



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    • Anonymous

      After area ONE - after the ORC battle - BEFORE you enter the city - go through your junk and armour and stuff and make sure you know what you want to sell or keep. Cause that CAT is a MERCHANT and he goes away after you talk so you can't sort then. BEFORE THAT one of the guys guarding the bridge - that is drunk - is also a merchant - no WARNING so I did not get to sell my crap there either. UGH. So yeah put some pictures up of those. So peeps can sort through items BEFORE merchant pop up. I just got this on PS4 and like it but its a bit more involved that I wanted just because I am a caretaker and don't have that kind of time - but I really like it. Just wish merchants wouldn't leave on me.

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