Farming in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition for either XP, Gold or Legendary Items is not really necessary, but nonetheless possible.  The page below offers some useful tips and information to farm for either of those things.



XP Farming

XP Farming in Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition is difficult as enemies do not respawn. There is a finite amount of XP to go around. The best way to gain experience is through Quests, killing monsters (the first time) and exploring.

However, there are some locations which you can use to obtain more XP at once than normal. These are listsed below.


Known XP Farming Locations:

  • Frederic's Cave Ghost Farming
    • During the quest Frederick's Blood Stone.
    • The main ghost in the cave keeps resurrecting additional small ghosts. As long as you don't kill the main Ghost, you can just keep farming the smaller ones to gain XP.
    • You can use sneaking mode or invisibility to help you stay undetected. That is the key to getting the main Ghost to small more ghosts.


  • King Boreas Elemental Farming
    • The King Boreas has 4 phases during his fight, in which he changes to each of the elements.
    • During each elemental phase, he spawns additional mobs of that element (nearly infinitely) as long as you are not killing him in that element.
    • If you can endure the fight longer, you have a chance at farming those mobs for additional XP in each elemental phase.
    • Video of Fight with King Boreas.


  • Malbini the Bard's Crab Underlings Farming
    • Malbini resides alongside Madame Loenestra and Kirill in a camp in Luculla Forest, northeast of Roy.
    • He keeps summoning a single Crab Underling (3150 xp) every three turns.

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