Craftsmanship Abilities in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition increase the character's effectiveness with various weapon types. By increasing these Abilities, characters will be more efficient at repairing equipment, able to craft gear, be able to identify items or move objects from a distance.


Craftsmanship Abilities






  • Blacksmithing allows you to repair your own items; the more you invest, the faster you'll work. Required to create and improve metal-enhanced Weapons and Armor.
  • Each point increases the quality of Weapons and Armor you can make.
  • Having at least 1 rank of Blacksmithing allows you to use a Repair Hammer to repair a damaged item.
  • Bonuses can be found on Bracers and Belts. Some Bracers and Belts will give +1 to both Blacksmithing and Crafting.
  • The Scientist talent gives +1 Blacksmithing and Crafting.



  • Crafting determines what you can craft and the quality of your crafted items. The more invested it is, the more recipes you can unlock.
  • Each point increases the number and quality of magical items that you can craft.
  • Bonuses can be found in Bracers, Belts, the Scientist talent and also the Pragmatic trait.



  • Loremaster allows you to examine enemies and identify items. The more invested it is, the more in-depth your intel.
  • Each point increases the level of items that you can identify.
  • Each point provides more information on enemies and objects when using right click > examine.
  • Level 0 shows: status effects, level, attitude, HP, and talents
  • Level 1 shows: elemental and physical resistances
  • Level 2 shows: damage and armor
  • Level 3 shows: bodybuilding and willpower
  • Level 4 shows: accuracy
  • Level 5 shows: max AP, start AP, turn AP, and initiative
  • Bonuses can be found on Amulets and Rings.
  • The Materialistic Trait gives +1 Loremaster.



  • With Telekinesis you can move items from a distance. The higher your Telekinesis score, the heavier the items you can telepathically lift, and the farther you can move them.
  • Each point increases pickup range by 2.0 meters.
  • Bonuses can be found on Rings and Bracers.

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