Death Knight Bane



Item Type

Death Knight Bane in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are crafted using that specific elemental Scroll with a blank skillbook of the same element.

Crafting Recipe

Where to find / Location

  • Can be crafted
  • Random loot in chests, crates, enemy drops
  • Rarely sold by Merchants

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    • Anonymous

      This doesn't remove the "galvanized" status of watcher statues despite many online guides saying otherwise, this is on EE, so in classic it might still work.

      • Anonymous

        Was on my HC playthrough with lonewolf on and apparently my party died to something random. I opened a chest and shortly after trying to identify an item, my character turned into ashes. I tried to revive my ash fallen character, but my other character turned into ashes shortly after. I'm thinking I spent a little too much time in the volcanic area trying to get to the spell or without heading through a portal. There weren't any damage numbers or anything, they all just started to go up in ashes. So if you're traversing this place i'd recommend going through it quickly.

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