Grenade Recipes in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are listed below.

Recipe Ingredients Requirements
Armor Piercing Grenade Broken Bottle + Empty Round Grenade Crafting 4
Firestorm Grenade Bottle of Oil + Fuse Crafting 1
Frost Grenade Water Essence + Empty Round Grenade Crafting 3
Fuse Rope + Rope Crafting 1
Love Grenade Pixie Dust + Empty Perfume Bottle Crafting 4
Holy Hand Grenade (healing) Magic Star Fish (any) + Empty Holy Grenade Crafting 3
Meteor Grenade Fire Essence + Empty Round Grenade Crafting 5
Nail Bomb Nine-Inch nails + Empty Round Grenade Crafting 2
Nightmare Grenade Tormented Soul + Canister Crafting 3
Plague Grenade Intestines or Rotten Eggs + Canister Crafting 2
Razzle Dazzle Grenade Air Resistance Potion + canister or Jellyfish Mushroom + Canister Crafting 4
Water Balloon Bottle, Cup, Barrel or Bucket of Water + Intestines Crafting 1
Toxic Grenade Poison Potion + Empty Grenade Crafting 2
Tremor Grenade Earth Essence + Canister Crafting 2
Thunderbolt Grenade Air Essence + Canister Crafting 4
Bottle of Oil Bottle + Oil Barrel  
Oil Flask Bottle, Cup or Barrel of Oil + Empty Flask  
Poison Flask Barrel of Ooze or (any) Poison Potion + Empty Flask  

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