Immaculate Shadow Summoner



Level 10
Difficulty Normal
Location Luculla Forest

Immaculate Shadow Summoner is a level 10 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.



Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • The Immaculate Summoner summons 2 types of Void Spiders:
    • The bigger one is a melee attacker
    • The smaller one is a ranged attacker.
  • If his hp <60%, he can use Skill_Air_BlitzBolt.jpgBlitz Bolt,Staff_of_Magus_small.jpgStaff of Magus and cause staticons_Blind.pngBlindness and staticons_Cursed.pngCursed.

Tactician Mode

  • The Summoner summons 5 spiders instead and can use Banish Summon.


Tips & Tricks


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