The notes for Patch v1.0.219 (Oct 30, 2014) of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are shown below.

Patch Information

Story/Game play:
Fixed start of fight conditions for Witch Cabin fight with Immaculate Mage
Fixed Arrest scenes in Cyseal (mortician for example), while using a forbidden door during arrest sequence
Fixed issue with Watcher/imps quest not completing
Fixed companion dialogues when they were being triggered at the same time in multi-player
Fixed issue with performing crimes when the guards are already talking to another player
Fixed dialogue issue with Zixzax in Luculla forest (Homestead attack warning)
Added reactions when characters are blinded
Prevent start listening when already in a dialogue
Fixed issue where sheathe/unsheathe state could get out of sync
You can listen to NPC's too now, instead of only player characters
Added option to turn off camera shake
Fixed issue where a sitting animation could get stuck
Projectiles can be shot over knocked down enemies now
Fixed issue when a peer disconnects during listening
Fixed issue where characters sometimes stop following their master
"Target is out of sight" is shown now instead of "Target is too far" when blinded
When healing someone in combat, you will immediately join the combat as well
No longer possible to fumble applying wet status
Dialogue history is synced to characters who join in a dual dialogue now
Fixed issue where names disappeared from the dialogue logs after a load
It is no longer possible to send teleporter pyramids to the homestead
Added armor damage UI element
Fixed issue where the combat log got smaller after each load
Weapon damage % is now always shown in skill descriptions
Fixed game freeze in the lobby menu, when failing to join a Steam lobby through the Steam tool
Fixed several crashes reported to us via support mails. Thank you!

Fixed issue with "almost broken" icon not showing on equipment
Items that require targeting now also show active state in tool bar
Remove active animation in tool bar when slot is cleared
Combat log resize now uniform with resizing chat log
Fixed journal for keeping element in view
Journal: scroll into view disabled
Combat log scroll issue fixed
Combat log: fixed getting smaller after load

Fixed crash when removing items from story
Skill descriptions now always show amount of damage from weapon, even if it's 100%
Extra support for playing specific effects on skills
Fixes for main menu and create profile specifically for the Mac AppStore
Fixed AI personalities for 3-way dialogues
Gender of player character now stays correct after transform (e.g. after char creation or respec)
It is no longer possible to send the teleporter pyramids to the Homestead
Consumables can now do damage
4Player Mod crash fix
Mac: OS X Yosemite compatibility fixes
Mac: Game Center Integration so that users can connect cross-platform
Mac: Arrow keys are now correctly mapped for the interface (Load/Save) & World 銑 and 閃 keys did not close their respective panels
Mac: Added Multi-threaded OpenGL renderer (use defaults write com.larian.dos ThreadedGL -bool true)
Mac: Added automatic workaround for Yosemite users with the following cards:
NVidia 330M
NVidia 320M
NVidia 9400 based
NVidia 8600 based

If the game locks up for you in Yosemite please use the following command in the Terminal:
defaults write com.larian.dos ShaderBasedClear -bool true
After that, please send us the name and brand of your video card.

Rebalanced troll zombie near the church of Cyseal
Rebalanced shambling mound near the church of Cyseal
Rebalanced fire skeletons near the church of Cyseal
Rebalanced stats of a lot of characters in Hiberheim and Luculla
Tweaked script priorities of some Dark Forest characters
Rebalanced the undead in the Temple of the Dead in the Phantom Forest so that these fights are more challenging (late game stats)
Fixed stats for characters in the Luculla Mines
Fixed equipment for Luculla Immaculate students
All goblins can now carry Tenebrium items without getting rot
Can no longer teleport Guardian in Hiberheim
AI will no longer make ally invisible if ally is kd, stunned, petrified or weak and will prefer melee chars
Fixed Infernal Chimera script in Cyseal
Fixed range for Spiderling in Black Cove
Fixed water ball disappearing in Giant Spider fight in Black Cove

Daggers Drawn fix: now costs 6 AP instead of 8 AP because a single dagger attack costs 2 AP
Vampiric Touch fix: now does as much damage as the caster heals from it
Voodoo Dolls fix: now costs 4 AP instead of zero
Flurry does less damage if you do not keep your STR up to level
All healing Skills are tweaked so that the higher level healing skills are better than the low level healing skills
Fixed Cloak and Dagger so that it now does leave a smoke cloud on jump
The damage of Flare, Small Fireball, Ice Shard and Blitz Bolt now levels up less aggressively
Piercing Ice Shard does a little more damage as you invest more in INT
Teleportation does less damage if you do not keep your INT up to level
Survivors Karma costs 6 AP now and also affects critical chance
Trip fix: Trip no longer requires a dagger
Clarified Cloak And Dagger tooltip
Clarified Flurry and Daggers Drawn tooltip
Fixed saving throws for Vampiric Touch, Soul Sap, Nullify Resistances, Lower Resistances
Damage boosts of Oath of Desecration and Rage no longer stack

Design and balancing:
Sneaking characters no longer trigger Attack of Opportunity
Balanced Arhu's stats, skills and equipment
Arhu now has the same stats and skills and equipment in all the regions
Blocked off areas in Luculla Forest where you could walk over lava
Fixed greeting nodes of Alfie, Homestead elementals, Dark Forest spirit and Jinxika so that voices fit
Sentinel statues in King's Tomb have no use so they are no longer clickable (this was confusing)
Fixed reset of guards in Luculla when they die
Added extra check for waypoint shrine teleport in Homestead to only happen when the active region is the Homestead
Trade option fix for shared dialogs when the clicked actor isn't the first speaker
You can no longer talk to Ralfie after the Kadraskaz fight; if you have Pet Pal, he will talk to you
Healing skills now actually last as long as the tooltip says they do
Braccus' axe drop is now human size and not oversized
Poisoned food now also does poison damage instead of only setting the poisoned status
Fixed item combos: Orc horn, big chicken claw, Mysterious fabric dye
Fixed Acid Breath skillbook and scroll name (was Ooze Spray)
Fixed "OneShot" Automated Dialog triggers (e.g. Orc in Luculla prison never entered dialog and never became hostile)
Fixed tooltips for items that said "Equip: x AP" when they should have said "Use: x AP" because you cannot equip an apple
Fixed consume setting for bone item so that item does what tooltip says
Added 4 Kickstarter henchmen
Fixed Maradino using Elemental Havoc
Fixed Spider in Black Cove skipping turns
Fixed digging spot in Luculla Mine
Fixed Wolf in Hiberheim saying "Vengeance"
Fixed Fear conditions of Rafflesia in Luculla
Fixed Demon dialog in Dark Forest
Fixed missing text in Rat catcher dialog, Well dialog, Wardens dialog
Fixed animation used on enemies when casting Mass Slow
Fixed mix up of names for Fiery Heart and Bottle of Swirling Mud
Fixed ADs of prisoners in Silverglen
Fixed stats of Weresheep armor
Fix for spamming "locked" on open door in Inner Sanctum
Fix for mushrooms in Luculla looping dialog
Fixed AI grid in the Immaculate cathedral in Luculla
Fixed faction of the Luculla Mushrooms and their summons as they enter combat
Fixed Maelodia opening doors
Special arrows now either do no damage, half weapon damage, or full weapon damage, nothing in between
Fix for quickly clicking disappearing forcefield in Boreas' castle
Fixed trading with Bicky
Fixed dialog in Cyseal Warehouse
Fix for touching Bairdotr's cage after she is freed through teleportation
Fix for Esmeralda's door closing
Fix for Braccus fight exploit
Fix for Boreas fight exploit
Fixed Mortician and General Store signs
Moved key to Esmeralda's basement to a less obvious place
Fix for Jareth being mentioned after he's dead
Moved around magical blocking boosts in the generation classes so that there is one per class
Too many different shields were available at low level, treasure generation will no longer choose the weak shields to drop
Magic generation will generate less elemental resistance boosts on equipment other than shields
Magic will no longer generate immunity boosts to crippled, petrified, stunned, frozen, on normal equipment, only on shields
Improved elemental res boost on shields
Can no longer sit on nightstands even if they do look a lot like barstools
Magic generation can now select new crit boosts
Arhu, Jake, Evelyn, Thelyron, Bellegar and Astarte have a chance to crit

Footstep effects for animals
Effects for Fatality and Shadow Strike
Fixed the Magical Unlock effect and animation
Fixed Targeted Bless effect and added impact
Characters no longer walk up in the air in the Knight's Tomb
Updated icons (enemy portraits and items)
Icons for Weresheep ghost, roasted pork, Well Teleport scroll, Pirate archer, Raw Meat
Fixed floating scenery, water tiles, intersecting planes
Fixed skinning in male hero's neck

New sound effects and ambiances

Fixed a lot of stability issues in the Divinity Engine
Exposed death type to scripts

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