Raffleisa Abominabla is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Raffleisa Abominabla



Luculla Forest

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • Raffleisa Abominabla spawns additional Blooming Rafflesias in the 4 holes around it which help it in the fight.
  • The boss uses Oil Spray (deals damage + creates an oil surface), Skill_Source_DrainWillpower.jpgDrain Willpower, skill_Earth_DeadlySpores.jpgDeadly Spores and cause you to be staticons_Frightened.pngFrightened if any of your characters get too close.

Tactician Mode
  • The boss has a Remorse skill, which targets the character with the highest Intelligence in the team.
  • Remorse is a debuff that inflicts heavy damage to whoever uses a spell while debuffed.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Blooming Rafflesias will not spawn if you manage to block the 4 holes with your characters or a heavy item such as a Barrel or Crate.

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