There are a few weapons you can use in Divinity to keep the enemy at bay.

    - Crossbows: These weapons are best used in the hands of a ranger. While they take more AP to fire per turn, their damage output is higher than that of a bow. It also requires the levelling up of the ability "Crossbows" under the Weapons tab of your Abilities.

    - Bows: Like the crossbow, these are best used for high Perception characters. They do less damage than crossbows, but take less AP per shot, meaning you can shoot more times per turn. They require you to level up the ability "Bows" under the Weapons tab of your Abilities.

    - Wands: These are best used by INT users, like a mage or mage hybrid. They do pure elemental damage, depending on what element you find it as, and also allow 3 casts of a random spell in that same element the wand shares. They need to be levelled up with the "Wands" under the Weapons tab of your Abilities. Wands also have the added capability of being dual wielded, however this adds to your AP cost per attack, and needs not only the Wands level up, but Dual Wielding, under the same Abilities tab.


Ranged Weapons



Effects Value Type
Heartseeker Requirements: Dexterity 10
Durability: 9
Value: 7
Point Boosts: Dexterity 1
Point Boosts: Perception 1
Point Boosts: Bow 1
Boosts: Water Damage
7 Bow

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